In addition to house prizes given to the top teams each trivia night, we also feature exclusive 6 week Trivia Leagues! The team with the most points  at the end of a 6 week League run wins $200 CASH! Leagues renew every 6 weeks (in case you didn't catch how awesome this is - this means your team is eligible to compete for $200 CASH every 6 weeks)!

In order to be eligible for $200 CASH League prize:

  • Team must play under the same name each week
  • Team must participate all 6 weeks. This means that at least one person from your team must represent your team each week (for 6 weeks)






EFFECTIVE JULY 2, 2017: Team Trivia at Game On Lakewood is temporarily suspended in the months of July and August. Team Trivia Night at Game on Lakewood will resume in the month of SEPTEMBER. Please check our Facebook Page for updates. Enjoy the summer!